Jes Scholz

Growth Marketing Consultant | SEO Futurist | Keynote Speaker

A little about me

An award winning SEO consultant

Jes is an experienced marketer and reigning SEO world champion from SEOktoberfest 2022. She offers personalised marketing strategies and training to clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations. She specializes in entity optimisation, smart content distribution and technical SEO.

See me speak at…

MozCon in August where I will be speaking about brand entity SEO and why it’s not an SEO’s job to optimise a website.

I’m writing about…

Website Crawling: The What, Why & How To Optimize. From internal linking to instructing Googlebot, here’s what to prioritise.

More about me…

Having worked with companies in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia & America, I am no stranger to the challenges of marketing.

Hire me as a consultant

Drop me an email to set up a free 1 hour scoping session to understand how I can help boost your marketing KPIs.